SoundFuel was created by Leah Oxendine Miller, a composer, author, and all around music-fanatic. (Visit her YouTube channel here)
Leah has possessed an intense love for orchestral film scores nearly all her life. As a classical pianist and composer, she appreciates the artistic quality of a good soundtrack, and has been known to like a film for strictly its music and nothing else.
She writes historical fiction primarily as well as fantasy, and has an incredibly vivid imagination. She believes the music can drive inspiration to an entire different level, maximizing the potential for creative output and productivity. With this in mind, SoundFuel was born.

SoundFuel is a constantly growing, constantly adapting collection of the best orchestral soundtrack music in the world.  New tracks are added nearly every week, so there's always something different to listen to!

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  1. I was wondering if it would be all right if I put some of this music on my website that I am trying to set up.

    Let me know. I would appreciate it.

    Lisa Miller