Friday, August 28, 2015

NEW playlists!

Hey writers! Great news! After some of y'all made a few suggestions for new playlists, I decided to set aside some time and take you up on your ideas. I haven't had time to make art yet for them, because I've been very busy working on other stuff, but I'll get to it eventually. 

Intense horror music for your writing needs! Whether it be a jumpscare/attack, grotesque battle of very bloody proportions, or terrifying demon/monster/creature-under-the-bed this playlist was inspired by the less subtle elements of the horror genre.

A very unnerving playlist of horror music for your writing needs! Many of us know that what makes the horror genre so unsettling is not what we can see, but what we /can't/ see in the shadows. Those little noises in the hall, that faint murmur in the woods that didn't sound quite normal. Underlying tension is what fuels horror, which means you also need a good atmospheric background to match. This playlist is meant to recreate the nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat tension that occurs in horror movies and games. You'll find a few subtle melodies in the mix, but mostly just creepy background noise that might get you a little shook up if you listen too long!

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the...wait a sec, wrong place for that quote! Anyhoo, you won't find Spock here, but this playlist is definitely one of universal proportions. Inspired by the beauty and fortitude of space, listen to these pieces if you are need an epic, ambient trip through the galaxies.

Native American Inspired

A playlist inspired by the beauty of Native American legends and history.

African Influences

Inspired by the entrancing tribal beats from the African continent.

The Middle East

Delightfully exotic! This playlist will be sure to transport you to the mystical lands of the Ancient Middle East, or your Middle East-inspired book world!

Civil War Fife and Drum

Historically accurate fife and drum music from the American Civil War!


Enjoy! If you have any suggestions for pieces to add to any of these playlists just drop 'em in the comments! I am still building them so I'd welcome any you guys want to add!


  1. Love the playlists here! I don't have use for all of them while I'm writing, but I still like to just listen to the music.

    Have you put together any playlists for action/adventure? I'd love to find some rousing themes for thrilling moments.

    1. Hi Penelope,
      Yes! If you check under "The Directory" you'll find the complete list, where there are a bunch of different themed action playlists.

  2. Wow, brilliant playlists!

    Have you ever done a sort of mystery/contemporary theme?