Monday, January 5, 2015

New Playlists in the Directory!

Hey writers!
 As 2015 has now made its entrance, I'm sure y'all are excited to see what new music this year has in store! Well, hopefully we can add a little to that excitement because I'm pleased to announce the addition of three NEW playlists in the directory!
 The Southern Gothic Playlist
It's a bit on the more quirky side for sure.
And yes, Southern Gothic is actually a thing. At least, according to Spotify! I found all these musics on a playlist entitled the same. Basically, you've got a bluesy, folksy, borderline-bluegrass ambience with lyrics that are a bit on the dark or slightly bizarre side. Perfect for writing inspiration, especially relating to some of those....shall we say, 'eccentric' characters? I think so. *insert wink*

The Western Playlist
 For all your wild-west inspired tales of high-noon action! Pretty self-explanatory, dontcha think?

The Steampunk Playlist
A hodgepodge of many flavors, mimicking the eccentric and wonderfully-imaginative Steampunk style. A fusion of hammered dulcimer, violin, chaotic-percussion and tinkling bells are but a few of the many instruments represented in this playlist.
As always, your song suggestions and ideas for new playlists are welcome. Don't hesitate to share to the ever-growing collection!

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